Our teachers and leaders are the greatest resources we can offer our scholars. Below are some highlights of joining our school staff:

Collaborative, Supportive Colleagues

While many CAPS teachers work with a co-teacher at least part of each day, our staff support each other in countless other ways as well, both professionally and personally. Our leaders actively create space for collaboration and mutual support.

Outstanding Support

Through ample planning periods, staff retreats, and committed, caring leaders, we aim to support teachers both in and out of the classroom. In addition, most teachers have access to coaching for personalized professional growth.

Rich Resources and High-Quality Curriculum

We constantly are expanding the resources available to our teachers and staff so that they can expand what they offer scholars. This includes curriculum tools, which teachers play an integral role in re-evaluating each year.

Professional Learning

Scholars leave early every Friday afternoon so that staff can meet for PLC meetings and special on-site workshops. Also, the full network of teachers meet together at least 10 days throughout the year to reinforce the community and to explore topics of value to everyone.