Proper sleep, making the right food choices and exercising regularly contributes to overall health. Below are a few helpful facts about common illnesses and information to aid in keeping you and your student healthy.

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The Stomach Bug

Norovirus is the official name for the stomach bug. It is very easily transmitted. It can be spread by contact with an infected person or by touching a contaminated surface or eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. This is why it is important to ensure that all measures are being taken to protect yourself and family by washing hands frequently, cooking foods properly, and disinfecting all surfaces. People can transfer Norovirus to others for at least three days after being sick. The following link provides more detailed information.



Coughing and sneezing are both ways that germs are spread from one person to another. Using the proper technique to cover your cough or sneeze will help with keeping healthy and not making anyone else sick. The following link provides details on the proper way to cough and sneeze without spreading germs.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is a very key component to healthy living. It can help guard against the spread of bacteria. If hand washing is done the proper way every time, you will decrease your chances of coming in contact with bacteria that can make you ill. The following link provides the proper technique that should be utilized when washing hands.

Coronavirus Information

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