We are a tuition-free public school committed to guiding and supporting our students as they achieve the lofty goal of graduating from a top 100 college in four years.

At College Achieve we implement a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum that is backwards mapped from college standards, the Common Core State Standards and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Developing thinking skills, tech-savvy and real world experiences are part of our program that prepare our scholars to confidently get thru high school and thru college.

Our “Thru & Thru” Model

We take thru & thru to heart and it is the driving force behind everything we do. When it comes to our instructional program, we look to where we want our students to end up: college graduation. So, we backwards map to ensure our scholars are prepared for success. Studies show that an intense curriculum and instructional model is the single most reliable predictor of a student graduating from a 4‑year college or university. We empower scholars thru high school & thru college.

Data Drives Our Success

Data is a crucial factor which shapes how we structure our curriculum and respond to student needs. It is one of the many tools in our quiver that allows CAPS teachers to lesson plan, understand student progress and accelerate content as needed. We also use data to intervene where our students need it the most. Research indicates many of the youth we serve enter kindergarten nearly a year behind, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage for future success. At CAPS, we reverse this trend by ensuring that all students learn to read at grade level or above by the end of second grade. This data-informed decision results in our students receiving two and a half hours of daily reading instruction.
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